Hauntings, Mirrors and the Paranormal


Whereas it is difficult to discern truth from legends and accurate accounts from subjective interpretations of unrelated happenings, what we refer to as a paranormal manifestation is quite common. Needless to say, science cannot yet explain that sort of phenomena and thus dismisses it and puts it down to folklore and to people’s need of evading their dull reality by making up fascinating tales. Another theory claiming to explain these manifestations is that of the energy absorbed by areas with a certain geological formation and later released in the form of these phenomena, falsely perceived as being connected to people who have been dead for a long time.

A haunting can take a multitude of forms, as its sometimes visual, other times it includes noises, smells, a lowered temperature, a draught or even physical contact. By the more open-minded it is perceived as a moment where the past and present merge, rather than thinking dead people are actually aware of what is going on around them. This belief is strengthened by the experience of those who have seen apparitions behaving as though the surroundings were different. For instance, somewhere in the UK there has been a sighting of a monk walking on a road, the lower part of his legs not visible, as if he were walking through the ground. It turns out that particular road used to be lower in past centuries; therefore the monk was merely walking down his normal road. Other sightings have included objects and even animals, which is very peculiar if one presumes that only the human soul is able to transcend through time.

When analysing the various accounts of hauntings over the centuries, we can easily notice some patterns or common elements. Many of the people who are said to haunt their former dwellings or places associated with them have died in less than peaceful circumstances. Murders, suicides, executions and violent accidents are believed by many to be the reason why restless souls still hover about these places. Over the last few decades, human rights have been recognised and certain treatments such as torture are illegal (overtly, anyway) – but that was not the case in past centuries. That is why buildings said to be haunted “boast” a long record of such accounts in their history and emanate an unsettling negative energy due to that. That applies to most medieval castles if not all, as their very long history is filled with all types of barbaric behaviour.

Mirrors and the paranormal

Anyone has heard, either through folklore or through its transposition into modern day cinematographic productions, that mirrors have the ability to influence people’s lives in various ways. Of course the use of this theory in films and fictional creations in general has led many to only associate it with fiction, but the truth is it has been verified many times.

Some might think it implies that an object can be “possessed” or something like that, but the explanation is in fact a very simple one. Many people, including those who use or practice alternative therapies such as Reiki, believe that we are animated and surrounded by energy, present in a multitudes of forms, some of which are hardly perceptible to us. Therefore an object could absorb the energy generated in a building, for instance, by a certain event, hold that energy and release it later, gradually or in a concentrated form. That is how folklore sometimes brands some objects as having a positive or negative influence on people.

Just like cameras, which capture images and sounds, mirrors are believed to do the same with the energy present in a certain environment. That is why in many cultures people cover the mirrors when a person is dying or has died, or during wakes. The energy generated by illness and death is believed to be highly “poisonous”, in a matter of speaking, as it is preserved and released later, bringing illness and possibly death to other people using the same mirror, as that energy reflects on their home and on themselves when they look at it. The idea that history tends to repeat itself, on a smaller or higher level, is definitely no fabrication and this is one of the means deemed to make that happen.

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