35 Stonegate

35 Stonegate is known as the Haunted House of York. Stonegate forms one of the original Roman roads which enter the heart of York, and the area has a history stretching back at least 2000 years. The house itself, has existed for more than 500 years. The site having once been owned by the monastic Bramham foundation.

From 1482 the house was operated as a booksellers and publishers. A wooden Bible still hangs over the door of the house to indicate this occupation. Many well-known books have been published here, including Elegy in a Country Churchyard, and Tristam Shandy. In 1835 the house was honoured by a royal guest when the future Queen Victoria visited, and took tea here.

In 1873 the last printseller to own the house had died without leaving an heir and the house passed to John Ward Knowles. With this purchase the house became an artistic hub. Knowles had a keen interest in photography, and in stained glass, the results of which can still be seen around the house today. He continued to live here until his death,m after which his sons carried on the family business until 1953.

In 2007 35 Stonegate was opened to the public as a REAL ghost attraction. There has been a lot of supernatural activity in the house for many years, this isn’t a surprise with a history of human habitation stretching back more than 800 years.

The most well-known ghost here is Tom who is often found in the Séance Room on the second floor of the house. He has been described as a tall man who wears a hat, and has been known to drag unwary visitors around the room.

Tom is only one of up to 14 different spirits that have so far been identified in this house. Figures include a well dressed Georgian lady, and a balding monk. In addition to apparitions there have also been several accounts of poltergeist activity, and two manifestations reported. The reputation of this house has the most haunted in York has been well earned.