Alton Towers

Alton Towers is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the UK, but very few people know about the haunted side of Alton Towers. Actually, not that many people even know about the building which is a derelict gothic mansion which isn’t too far away from all the fun and games that are in Alton Towers. In or around 3,000 years ago, the land was used as an Iron Age fort which lastedfor a long period of time until a Saxon King called Ceolred Mercia set up his own fortress there and then it kept getting passed on to other kings. After a while the Talbot family took over control of the area who were very close to the rulers of the country at the time.

In the early 1800s, people think that an old woman asked a member of the Talbot family for a coin. When they said no to the old women, she put a curse on the entire family and ever since then several weird things have happened to the family and the buildings that they owned all those years ago. The woman warned the family member of what would happen to the family, saying that every time a branch falls a member of the Talbot family will die and later that night there was a storm. A branch fell from a tree and that night someone died in the family.

The Earl then got a chain tied around the tree so no more branches could ever fall and you can still see this chain today. This isn’t the only strange thing that has happened at Alton Towers though, there’s also a lady which has been seen gliding through corridors on more than one occasion, leaving a bit of a smell of perfume behind her. Who knows, maybe this is the woman who put the curse on the family who refuses to ever leave Alton Towers? Why not go see it for yourself?

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