Annison Funeral Parlour

This former funeral parlour in Hull, which can be found at the junction of Great Union Street and Witham Street, was once home to the City of Hull Mounted Police, and would certainly look at home in any horror film, the buildings reputation more than matches its grim appearance.

The funeral parlour which survived for over 100 years, closed more than 30 years ago and the ground floor of the building is now used by an Late Night Pharmacy. The pharmacy staff apparently refuse to go upstairs alone, and admit to feeling nervous when they alone in the building. At other times in its history parts of the building have been used by a photographer’s studio and Ringtons Tea.

Surprisingly, it was the Photographers studio that became the focus for one of the most gruesome tales connected to the building, the murder of 18 year old Mary Jane Langley. The young lady visited the studio to have her picture taken in 1891 and was not seen again until her body was discovered. Her was found laying dead in a ditch. Many suspect she became the victim of Frederick Bailey Deeming a notorious murderer who had recently been released after serving time for murdering his wife and children, and burying them under the floorboards of his home. Deeming was eventually hanged in 1892 for another, unrelated murder.

While the part of the building occupied by pharmacy looks like any other modern building, the first floor is an entirely different story. The mortuary room and the embalming room remain untouched since the funeral parlour closed its doors for the last time.
Mary Jane’s ghost is reputed to haunt the old funeral parlour to this day, but she is not alone. There are regular reports of poltergeist activity and a chair in one of the upstairs rooms is often found to have been moved, or in some cases thrown against the opposite wall. So often has this happened that tape markings are now left on the floor to allow staff to check whether the chair has shifted while they are out of the room.

Voices are o heard coming from rooms which are known to be unoccupied, and staff are frequently faced with the effects of supernatural activity. The old funeral parlour attracts visitors from around the world keen to experience a building with such a unique and macabre history.

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