Belgrave Hall

Belgrave Castle, or Hall, is an unusual example of a reputedly haunted location having an apparently happy history. Since its building began in 1709 it has been a family home, with no interludes of dereliction, destruction or despair to mar its perfect record. This is really rather reassuring, and the ghosts which undoubtedly walk its corridors seem to do so because they are loath to leave a place they loved, rather than because they are tied through misery.

Because the Hall has such a well documented history, it has been possible in some cases to have an educated guess as to the identity of some of the ghosts seen over the years. In such a long history it is of course inevitable that there have been many deaths and until relatively recent years, infant mortality was high, even among the well to do, so it is perhaps not surprising that some of the ghosts are children. There is only one recorded incident that suggests some malevolence, and that is a formless entity on one of the landings. Because it seemed so negative to being investigated, it has always been left alone as at the moment Belgrave Castle does not experience any violent manifestations and it is obviously better for all concerned if it stays that way!

Some of the ghosts of Belgrave Castle have been caught on security camera and various visitors have seen a fog like substance materialize and crawl along the top of a wall. Smells of cooking also waft through the building from time to time and this has all the hallmarks of a Victorian cook at full throttle, being reminiscent of baking bread or gingerbread. Add the various grey and green ladies who walk the gardens and you have a very haunted Castle indeed.

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