Bolling Hall

Bolling Hall offers people the opportunity to visit one of the oldest buildings in West Yorkshire. The building was used as a home for people around 500 years ago but nowadays it’s used a museum and a good place to go ghost hunting! Even though Bolling Hall is under a mile away from the city of Bradford, don’t let this fool you into thinking that it couldn’t be haunted. There have been numerous occasions of people seeing paranormal activity in this building over the last few years.

There are a lot of rooms in Bolling Hall, with every room being unique from another room. However, some rooms are more unique than others, one of which that has now got the nickname “The ghost room”. Nobody has seen a ghost here in a long time, but there is a story that a ghost appeared in this room many years ago. It’s believed that the Earl of Newcastle back in the mid 1600’s one was woken up by something pulling his bedclothes off him! When he woke up, he realised that there was a ghost standing beside his bed which said “pity poor Bradford” to him. The reason why the ghost said this to him was because the Earl was thinking about murdering a lot of innocent people the following day and after he saw this ghost he decided to change his mind about what he was planning to do. Even though the Earl still murdered some people the next day, he didn’t murder any people that had nothing got to do with the fights that were going on at the time.

So, why not visit this building and travel through time since there are parts of the building which date as far back as medieval times! Just watch out for the ghost that’s in Bolling Hall, especially if you’re ever in “the ghost room”.

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