Bull in the Thorn

The Bull in the Thorn is an isolated pub located on the road between Buxton and Ashbourne in Derbyshire. This forms a part of the Roman Road from Little Chester to Buxton, and was many years ago known as “The Street”, and was a popular coaching inn from those travelling between Deerby and Manchester. The road which runs near both Hurdlow and Pomeroy is today known as the A515.

While the area may be desolate today there is a history of human settlements in the area as far back as Roman times. The pub has a sinister, and some would say macabre history which extends over more than 700 years, first as farm house and fro 1472 as a hostelry known as the Bull. Inside the pub the pub is distinctly medieval in appearance. Panelling dating from the Tudor period (dated 1642 & 1742, and an original stone flagged floor all add to the impression that visitors are stepping back into history when they come through the door of the Bull in the Thorn.

Webcams placed here have recorded the frequent smashing of glasses without explanation from behind an empty bar, and evidence of a child wandering around the room or by the fireplace.

Many visitors have reported strange smells, and blood chilling screams that cannot be explained away by rational means.

The upstairs of the pub is also known for strange events. The Bedrooms have over the years witnessed many unusual happening with beds being shaken and the covers being removed by an unseen hand while guests are still in the bed.

Outside the walls of the pub the sightings continue. The Roman connection is strong in this area with horse hooves being heard in the hours of darkness and Roman soldiers being seen in the grounds of the pub.

A visitor here must be prepared for anything. It is not unknown for people to abandon a trip here, too terrified to stay any longer.