Clitheroe Castle

Built in 1186 by Robert de Lacy and located on an isolated rocky crag, Clitheroe castle in Lancashire has one of the smallest surviving castle keeps in the country. The keep which is all that remains of the original castle was severely damaged by the Parliamentary army during the civil war, and was not repaired until 1848, it overlooks the notorious Pendle Hill, which is remembered today as the site, in 1612, of the greatest witch trial ever held in this country.

Clitheroe castle as it stands today has the surviving sections of the Norman keep, and additions and repairs carried out in the 16th and 18th century. The Castle Museum here dates to the start of the 18th century and was originally constructed to serve as a prison and court house. Perhaps it is this origin which has led to it being considered one of the most haunted parts of the castle. Over the years there have been regular reports of someone seen looking out of the upper windows here, and of unexplained noises being heard long after the tourists have left the building for the night, is it the ghosts of former inmates making themselves known?

Perhaps the most famous ghost seen at Clitheroe Castle is not a former prisoner but that of the White Lady. Her identity has never been determined but many have reported seeing her wandering the grounds, and even walking the ruined corridors of the castle.

The White Lady is not the only female ghost at Clitheroe. Several visitors have reported coming across the figure of a Maid, apparently overcome with grief, while many reports talk of a ghostly family of a male, female, and a child seen together on this site.

Aside from apparitions, visitors here speak of unexplained noises, light anomalies, and cold spots that defy explanation. Those brave enough to visit the keep have spoken of an odd burning sensation on their legs, while others have claimed to be pushed or pinned against the wall. Fantastic orbs have been seen here, and in many cases captured on video.

A visit to Clitheroe Castle is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who visit it is always rewarding. Why not take a trip back in time and investigate what must be one of the most haunted locations in the country?