Croxteth Hall

There has been a house on the site of Croxteth Hall since the sixteenth century and for almost all of that time it has been in the hands of the Molyneux family, the Earls of Sefton. When the last Earl died in 1972 he was the last of the line and the house was sold and is now open to the public. Croxteth Hall has a very well documented ghost sighting, captured on CCTV. Although it is not very clear, it is very obviously the height of a man and vaguely human in shape. In view for around eight seconds, it emerges from some trees and turns onto a path leading to the house, before disappearing.

Although this ghost has only been caught on film once, it has been seen many times by both visitors to the house and grounds and staff. Because it is very indistinct, it is not possible to identify it, but it is nice to think that it is the spirit of the 2nd Earl of Sefton. The ghost appears around the time the Grand National is run at nearby Aintree and the 2nd Earl was a keen gambler and in fact laid the foundation stone when the racecourse was first established in his heyday in 1829. CCTV footage is notoriously unclear and also pretty easy to fake, with examples of doctored film emerging all the time, but this one has the whiff of reality about it for several reasons.

People had always felt that the grounds, rather than the house, were haunted before the ghost was filmed and also the footage is so ordinary and unspectacular that it has the ring of truth. The edges are not clear and the shape is indistinct and the area in which it appears is not particularly exciting or evocative. In fact, it looks for all the world as if it is the 2nd Earl of Sefton out for a stroll while he tries to pick the winner of the next Grand National.

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