Stratford Upon Avon is mainly famous for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare, but it’s also well-known for having the second most haunted building across all of the UK which is the Falstaffs. No. 40 Sheep Street (more commonly known as the Falstaff Experience) has at least 40 ghosts in it, so you can be pretty sure that you’ll bump in to one or two spirits if you decide to visit the Falstaffs. The building has been on this site for close to 1,000 years now, so it’s quite an old property which could explain why there are not just one or two ghosts in it!

There is just so much history to this building such as the civil war and the plague. It’s even believed that Shakespeare himself walked along the beautiful cobblestones that surround the Falstaffs. However, don’t let the beauty of the surrounding area fool you, although the area might look nice at first glance there are plenty of reasons why people are terrified to come even close the Falstaffs.

If you’re planning on wearing your most expensive jewellery when you’re coming to visit the Falstaffs we’d advise you not to; because there is a young boy who is well-known to rob jewellery from people that enter the building. There’s also a person who is usually wearing a hood of some sort that just watches people as they enter and leave the building, almost as if he is looking for a certain person to come back. If you’re ever lucky (or unlucky!) enough to come across him, you’ll more than likely notice his red eyes which are just a little bit unusual.

If you really want to see something spectacular then we’d recommend you to go to the upper floors where a spirit of a serial killer usually is. You’ll certainly feel his presence since his footsteps are loud, he whispers to guests and he sometimes even gets a bit physical, so watch out!

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