Fire & Police Museum, Sheffield

The Fire & Police Museum in Sheffield is definitely not for the fainthearted. Even though the building is only around 100 years old which isn’t that old in comparison to other haunted buildings, it’s still an impressive place to visit if you want to go ghost hunting. As the name of the museum suggests, it was once a fire station and a police station not so long ago. The building was divided up so both the fire station and the police station had their own separate space. Only a few decades later a new fire station was built so it became just a police station and eventually the building stopped being used. In the mid 1980s it became a museum so people could enjoy everything there was got to do with the fire and police station that was once there.

So many paranormal things have happened in this museum in Sheffield (which is why even the BBC decided to visit it), for example: Some ghost hunters decided to ask the spirits that were in the museum to stop at 999 (since it was in a fire and police station) by using a Franks box. This did happen and afterwards to prove that it wasn’t just a once off they asked the spirits to do it again and guess what? It happened again!

One of the most famous spirits that is in the Fire & Police Museum is a man called Cain. Despite the fact that he likes having a chat with the people that come to the museum, he also has a not so nice side too. He has smashed loads of glasses at visitors, especially when they try to enter the cell which he was once in while he was alive. He obviously wants to protect his own territory, so would you dare to enter his cell?

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