Fort Amherst

Located in Kent, this Fort with its complex network of tunnels and caves is a perfect example of a Georgian Fortress with a great historic past. Fort Amherst was built by tin miners and engineers in 1756 purely as a defence mechanism from the French Invasion. Initially called ‘The Great Lines’, the Fort had a network of tunnels beneath the cliffs which were used to transport ammunition and weaponry to help defend the strongest route into London. Fort Amherst was continually improved between 1756 and 1805 and some of the tunnels are up to 20 metres deep and 750 metres long.

The dark and dingy passageways seem to go on forever and many visitors have reported strange happenings within the tunnels. There is an overwhelming amount of phenomena that has been reported about Fort Amherst; those who visit for the first time mention a strong spiritual energy that can be felt the second you enter the tunnels.

Many visitors to Fort Amherst have seen strange and sinister shadows at night, and even in the day time, complete with a threatening aura and a feeling of being unwelcome. Those who explore the tunnels are at risk of being scared out of their wits; many people have heard unexplained voices with a French accent and incomprehensible shouting directly into their ears from unknown entities. The tunnel walls seem to have retained the negative energies and emotions of the soldiers, including rage and despair.

The sound of children’s cries and weeping has been heard on numerous occasions from staff and visitors alike, and the sound of women howling is not an uncommon experience. There has been an extraordinary amount of paranormal and poltergeist activity reported; sightings of dead construction workers killed whilst they built the fort and soldiers that were stationed during the war have been seen pacing the tunnels.

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