Galleries of Justice

Located in Nottingham and rife with history, the current building was used as a court and prison from 1780 – 1980 but there has actually been a court on that site since 1375, and prison cells were added in 1449. Hundreds of people have been tried, sentenced and imprisoned in the Galleries of Justice, and some hanged.

With an expansive seven floors, manmade caves and original cells, the Galleries of Justice is steeped in history and is renowned for its paranormal activity, amazing for ghost hunting. The building includes the prison yard in the back which features authentic 19th Century graffiti, and the hanging room which was used for prisoners that were not executed in public.

The Galleries of Justice has two court rooms which have retained the negative emotions, misery and despair of their past. Black figures have been spotted on the balcony, whilst groans and screams can be heard echoing through the court rooms.

There have been numerous accounts of banging and poltergeist activity, an odd gurgling sound has been heard in the caves and there were even eyewitness accounts of an apparition of a small child whilst being filmed by Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted’.

Those who venture into the Medieval Caves will more than likely have stones thrown at them from an unknown source and even be touched or pushed by an entity. There have been spectre sightings in the Ladies’ bedroom as well as light anomalies and sounds picked up on recordings. Soldiers have been seen on the steps to the Main Entrance Hall and a lady has been seen pushing a pram whilst in a daze.

Staff and visitors have noted unexplained smells and odd sensations, including feeling suddenly nauseous. It is said that bodies from executed criminals are still buried in the gardens around the Galleries of Justice.

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