Gresley Hall

Gresley Hall in Swadlincote, Derbyshire dates from the 16th century. The Hall was built on the ruins of an existing Priory which occupied the site from the 100s to the 1500s. The Hall has served many purposes throughout its history. It has often been used as a farmhouse, but has also housed a China factory, and then later an earthenware factory. Today the house has been largely untouched since Victorian times. In the attic of the hall Victorian graffiti can still be seen adorning the lime wash walls of the Hall.

With a complicated history such as Gresley Halls, there is the potential for supernatural activity related to almost any era of history. The ancient Priory offers many possibilities for spirits to wander the location, and with family and industrial use in the buildings past, who knows what secrets these walls have watched over through the years.

Many frightening experiences have happened here during visitors by paranormal investigators, and the building is considered one of the most haunted in the country. Voices have been heard on the upper floors of the Hall, even though these rooms have been long abandoned and deserted. Footsteps have been heard by many people but no-one ever approaches, or enters the room.

In the lower part of the Hall whispered conversations can be overheard, and strange light anomalies have been witnessed, but no explanation has been forthcoming. The sound of something being dragged across a floor has often been reported, but upon investigation the room has always been found to be empty.
A visit to this old haunted Hall is not for the fainthearted, experiences can be intense, and no visitor knows what to expect during their time here. What will you experience when you pay a visit to Gresley Hall?