Harwich Redoubt Fort

Harwich redoubt is a circular fort which was built in the 1800’s so that the people of Harwich could defend their port from invasion. As well as this, Harwich was a very important site in relation to the D day landings. One of the great things about Harwich redoubt fort is that people don’t really know much which makes it that little bit spookier!

Even though Harwich redoubt fort is considered to be a place of paranormal activity, there hasn’t been a lot of investigations about the fort. This may put some people off, but we think that actually makes the fort even more interesting since you could be one of the first people to see certain spirits and so on. However, we think that Harwich redoubt fort will become a lot more popular in the next couple of years so try to visit it as soon as possible if you can.

The fort has so much history behind it, so surely you’ll see some sort of paranormal activity if you go there. Some of the rooms in the fort were once used as prison cells where British troops that were waiting trial were put, and that’s why there is so much graffiti on the walls in these cells. You can get some sort of insight as to what was going through these prisoner’s heads while they were in the cells by reading what they’ve written on the walls and so on.

Here are some of the things that some of the people who visited Harwich redoubt fort noticed within the last couple of years: sound of footsteps, strange noises, ghost of a headless soldier and apparitions. If you’d like the chance of experiencing any of this type of paranormal activity then get in contact with us.

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