Heath Manor

The luxurious Mecure hotel, located near Kidderminster can’t hide the fact that it was once a Victorian Heath Manor house. Inside the building the original essence has been retained despite the opulent surroundings. There are, what were once servants quarters with sloping ceilings, which incorporate attic windows.

There is a long history of paranormal activity here. Many sightings have been well documented especially a little girl who is frequently seen on the staircase. She is reported to have died of polio here. A young girl is also often seen in the old nursery room of the hotel.

There are plenty of other hidden corners of the hotel which provide opportunities for supernatural encounters. Once through the main hotel entrance you have access to the original annexes and the cellars which have often allowed visitors to glimpse unaccountable shadows and hear unexplained noises. These cellars were used as an infirmary during World war One which may explain why there seem to be some many spirits present here.

There are other rooms in this hotel which have been the subject of various unexplained occurrences. Cigar smoke can often be smelled coming from empty rooms here, and objects tend to be moved in rooms where it is known no-one is present. Tapping can often be heard during séances held at the hotel, and trigger objects have been activated on many occasions.

At the rear of the hotel is an unmarked burial ground. It is here that there are frequently seen shadows that can not be explained by any rational means.

Don’t be fooled by the outward appearance of Heath Manor, this is one of the most haunted buildings in the Midlands and a visit here can often be an intense experience. Whether it is a shadowy figure passing a doorway in the cellar or a little girl on the stairway, Heath Manor is a location where supernatural events happen, and visitors should be prepared for the unexpected.