Heskin Hall

In Chorley, Lancashire can be found Heskin Hall. This ancient manor house has a rich, but bloody history having witnessed executions, murders, and plots over the centuries. The hall is said to be one of the best surviving examples of Tudor architecture to be found in the north of England. The building has three floors and in many ways still feels like a family home.

The Hall has passed through many hands over the years. It has been owned a different times by Edmund Dudley who was executed for treason, by John Dudley, who was executed by Queen Mary, and then by his son Robert Dudley who was executed by Elizabeth I. The estate was later bought by Richard Molyneux, it remained n this family for nearly 200 years before being owned in turn by the Mawdesley family, and the Kershaw family. The Hall had several more owners before we reach Lord Lilford who was the last peron to live at Heskin Hall, the estate passed to his wife, an ex-dancer and actress, when they divorced in 1969. She chose not to live at the Hall and it became part of Blackburn college, before being used as offices by Moben kitchens. Today the Hall is used as an antique centre.

The most striking thing about a visit to Heskin Hall today is that every room is full of strange artifacts, including clowns, and Annabelle dolls. If the surroundings were not enough to unnerve you then perhaps the ghosts will. There have been many reports of ghostly activity at the hall. This area played a full part in the English civil war and Oliver Cromwell is reported to have stayed at the Hall for at least one night. There ids said to be the ghost of a young girl who was hung by a Priest in a bizarre attempt to prove his own conversion to Protestantism. Cromwells soldiers were certainly not convinced by this action and promptly hung him on the same spot. Other visitors to the Hall have reported hearing marching soldiers when they know they are alone. Objects have been found to move by themselves, and their have been reports of guests too afraid to continue their stay in this building. At Heskin Hall strange events take place.