Jamaica Inn

The Jamaica Inn was first built around 250 years ago and ever since then it has been known to be one of the most haunted places in the UK. Situated in Cornwall, it was the perfect place for smugglers to hide their smuggled goods since it’s in a very quite part of the city. The Cornish and Devon coasts were extremely popular for smugglers, with around half of the tea and brandy that came to the United Kingdom illegally entering by either the Cornish or Devon coats. Nobody knows exactly where the Jamaica Inn got its name from, but it’s believed that it was because the Jamaica Inn was mainly used for hiding plenty of rum!

There have been a lot of different scary things that have happened in the Jamaica Inn, such as guests hearing footsteps frequently, objects moving around the room and so on. There are a number of ghosts that have been spotted around the Inn, but there’s one ghost in particular that seems to always be around the Jamaica Inn which is a man that sits on the wall just outside the Inn! What makes this even weirder is that the man doesn’t do anything, doesn’t speak or even moves, he just stays there. Are you brave enough to come face to face with him? Nobody really knows who this man is but most people believe that he is the man who went missing from the Jamaica Inn in the 1800s who was later found dead in an isolated field.

With so many ghost sightings in the Jamaica Inn, it’s a perfect place to visit for a day out if you’ve always wanted to see some strange things for yourself rather than hearing it from other people and not knowing whether it’s true or not!

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