Kielder Castle

Set deep in the Northumberland woodland, on the edge of Kielder village, Kielder Castle is built on the remains of an ancient burial ground that dates back to at least 3000BC. The present day castle was constructed in 1775 by William Newton acting as architect for the Duke of Northumberland, the castle was intended to serve as a hunting lodge. It was later rebuilt in the mid 19th century, but saw very little use. It was sold in 1932 to the Forestry Commission. Eventually in the 1980’s it was converted into a visitor centre, and now acts as a central hub for the increasing number of attractions, and recreational activities available in the area.

Visitors to the castle today can explore the auditorium, the kitchen, the master bedroom, the attics, and even the Dukes personal study. There is a long history of hauntings associated with this castle, and some truly frightening activity has been witnessed in the past. Phantom figures have been glimpsed in the old stable, and in the servants wing it is hard to escape the feeling that you are being watched. Those brave enough to visit the castle frequently tell of objects vanishing, and being found in totally unexpected places.

Apparitions have been seen here, also disembodied footsteps, and voices coming from empty rooms. Light anomalies have been seen here, shadows have also been observed in the bird room.

Perhaps the two most famous ghosts at Kielder Castle are the grey lady, and Emma, a servant girl. So disturbing can it be to spend time alone here that at least one psychic investigator is known to have fled in fear after only an hour working in the castle. Kielder Castle is not somewhere to enter lightly, come prepared to be frightened, and ready to experience the malevolence of the unseen world.

Ghost Hunting @ Halloween at Kielder Castle Mon-31-Oct