Lichfield Guildhall

Lichfield Guildhall has had a very chequered history since the first building was erected on the site in the late fourteenth century. Until recent times it has always had a link with prisoners and this has given the building a rather edgy atmosphere with lots of hot and cold spots for the sensitive. The building virtually fell down in the eighteenth century and was rebuilt and there has been a lot of renovation done in recent years. The general look inside is of medieval splendour, but hardly a brick in it is original.

Even so, the building manages to have an amazingly evocative atmosphere and this is partly due to the play of light from the stained glass windows onto the magnificent oak floor. The stained glass window has its own complex history, having been moved from the cathedral at the end of the nineteenth century when the Victorians were at the height of their refurbishment of churches and any public building they felt needed a bit of brushing up. The building has elements from others in the town and so has inherited all kinds of atmospheric vibrations which give it its unique flavour.

Not all ghostly goings on are in old buildings. The imagination of just one person is enough to start off some manifestations and a building such as this one which is old, but not as old as it might at first appear, is a prime example of the kind of place that can set such things in motion. It would be no surprise at all to see a ghostly monk gliding across the floor, although such a thing never happened. The thoughts of so many people carried away with the ambience of the building could easily be enough to bring him into being.

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