Littledean Jail

Littledean Jail is in the middle of the Royal Forest of Dean and was once a police station and a courthouse among several other things. Recently, a “crime through time museum” has been set up so people can see all of the weapons and so on that were used to torture criminals in the past which can frighten a lot of people. It’s actually the only museum like this in the entire world, so it’s well worth a visit if you’ve an interest in this sort of thing.

Some of the things that people have witnessed in Littledean Jail can be quite disturbing to some people. One thing that many visitors will never forget about for the rest of their lives is the sound of crying children in the cells that were specifically made for children.

Sitting in the electric chair is another thing that most people will never forget too. Imagining the amount of people who were killed on the very same chair that you’re sitting on is a strange feeling that words cannot even begin to describe. Although Littledean Jail only opened up to ghost hunters in 2005, it’s still one of the most popular places for ghost hunters to visit at the moment. With doors slamming shut, objects being thrown around the room and shadows being all around you it’s no wonder why ghost hunters absolutely love Littledean Jail.

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