Mill Street Barracks

Dating from the middle of the 19th century Mill Street Barracks in St Helens has enjoyed a varied history. It was intended as accommodation for the armed forces but also has strong links to both a church and nunnery. It was once used as an isolation unit for TB sufferers, and during both World Wars it served as a morgue. There is still a tunnel under the barracks which runs to the local church. It is said that through this tunnel bodies were taken to be blessed before being returned to the morgue.

It is however, it’s links with the paranormal for which Mill street Barracks is most famous. This site has long been a draw for ghost hunters, as it has been very active for many years. Perhaps it is the long association with death in this place, but for whatever reason there have been many spirits seen here over the years.

Apparitions have included soldiers from the Home Guard, and a male spirit often seen on the upper levels of the barracks. This spirit appears to be particularly keen to interact with females. On many occasions children have been seen here, and these have been found to frequently interact with visitors and to enjoy the attention. The spirit of a weeping girl is also sometimes seen here, although no-one has yet come forward with any information as to her identity. Spirits appear to be plentiful here, and to enjoy the opportunity to engage with visitors, so a visit to Mill Street Barracks can certainly be an intense experience. It is impossible to know what will occur at any time. Visitors have reported a range of supernatural experiences here including changes in temperature, and a feeling of being observed by unseen eyes. A trip here can be terrifying, so be prepared to summon your courage, and enter Mill Street Barracks.