Newsham Park Hospital

The building which is now known as Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool, was opened in 1874 a home for the orphans of British seamen. The orpanage expanded until by 1918 there were over 1000 children living on this site in conditions which have been described as cruel and harsh.

The orphanage survived until 1949, and in 1954 the building became home to Newsham Park hospital. A hospital which developed a psychiatric department, which saw a large number of patients with severe mental difficulties living on the premises. The hospital, in turn, closed its doors in 1997 and the building was finally cleared of staff and patients. Today the building lies empty, and desolate. There are still many signs of the former use of the building, including notices left pinned to walls, and many items simply abandoned at the end of the final days work in the building.

The building is known to be very active, and has a strongly sinister feel. Walking the long closed wards, corridors, and especially the morgue can engender a feeling of great oppressiveness. There are many rooms to explore here, and in each of them there are reminders of the dark history of Newsham Street. Abandoned equipment litters the wards and nurses accommodation, and the sense of unease grows the longer you spend here.

Security staff have reported numerous supernatural experiences here. Tools have been moved from one part of the building to another. Distant voices have been heard echoing around the long abandoned building, and shadowy figures have been seen to appear, and then to vanish in a way that cannot be explained by rational means. Perhaps the ghosts of mistreated orphans are still roaming the corridors of their former home, or maybe the spirit of a deeply disturbed hospital patient is unable to rest. Whatever the cause of the activity at Newsham Park, a visit here is a truly chilling experience.