Old House

Old House in Coalville is believed to date from the end of the 13th century, with the present house containing some timbers which have dated to between 1288 and 1295. The structure was clearly greatly modified around 1618 when the lower half of the building was converted to include a parlour and a kitchen. An internal staircase also appears to date from this time. New windows and an improved roof were also added at the same time.

It is known that this property was rented out as a tenant farm from 1670 to 1960 when it was purchased by Leicestershire County Council. The building was opened to the public in 1973.

This building has gained more than its fair share of stories and legends over the years. There is a history of murder, suicide, and the chilling uncovering of of buried body parts associated with it. There are still rumours that more body parts are buried under the main room of the house.

At least one resident is known to have murdered his entire family, and his mistress in a drunken rage. At another time a lady is thought to have hung herself in the buildings attic in the middle of the night.

The Chapel here has a very cold and mysterious feel to it, which is frequently noticed by visitors to the building, and the hallway is nor somewhere that many visitors find themselves able to stay for a prolonged period. Apparitions have been seen in the hallway, and also on the main staircase. Footsteps come from the empty upper floors of the house, while lights appear with no obvious cause, and screams are heard in the dead of night. The figure of a man haunts the rooms of the house, while in the cellars a phantom dog has been reported.

Those who dare to enter the house often report sudden changes in temperature in parts of the house, and especially in the cellars. They also speak of voices in rooms known to be empty, and stones and other objects being moved and thrown.