Old Victorian School

Located in Long Eaton, Nottingham, the Old Victorian School has a refined and normal exterior which is a complete contrast to what has been experienced there behind closed doors! Most old Victorian schools have a creepy and supernatural aura but this one goes a few steps further. As soon as you step inside the building you will notice a menacing and oppressive atmosphere, which may or may not be due to the sinister presence that lurks in the dark hallways. This presence has terrified staff and visitors on countless occasions. There are many vigils and ghost hunts that take place in this old building and the amount of supernatural and poltergeist activity witnessed has been extraordinary. Door handles have seen to be rattled and even turned with no one touching them from either side, doors have opened and slammed shut and footsteps have been heard pacing the hallways.

There have been countless of other unexplained phenomenon that people have experienced such as sudden temperature drops, strange voices and the sight of shadows moving in empty rooms and corridors. The ghost of Manky Morris, an old Victorian school teacher has used table tipping to communicate with the living and the ghosts of school children have been seen running through the hallways and going through doors that no longer exist. The sound of laughing children has been heard echoing through the rooms of the school and whistling has been heard on numerous occasions. Many guests and staff have had their hair pulled or their arms grabbed by cheeky school children ghosts, but chilling screams have also been heard from outside and inside the building. There has been poltergeist activity reported at the Old Victorian School, with intelligent and responsive tapping taking place when contacted by mediums and during vigils.

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