Oxford Castle

Oxford Castle is a medieval castle built during the Norman Conquest and resides at the Heart of Oxfordshire. With a gory history of murder, execution and plotting, this castle is said to be intensely haunted by a number of different ghosts.

It was originally built as a prison in 1071 by Robert d’Oilly and remained a prison right up until 1996! The last public hanging that took place in Oxford Castle was in 1863 and other executions within its walls until 1952. The castle features a 900 year old Crypt, and a haunted tower. The echo of the Jailor’s footsteps can be heard now and again in the prison wing.

One of the most famous aspects of the history of the castle is the notorious ‘Oxford Castle Curse’ which was cast upon Oxford in 1577 after Roland Jenkes, a Bookbinder convicted of supporting the Pope, had his ears cut off. He responded by cursing the court, the jury and judge and the city. It is reported that within a few days hundreds of people died without apparent cause. A mass grave was unearthed in 2004 which consisted of 60 to 70 skeletons of men, but no women or children.

The ghost of Mary Bland has been sighted on countless occasions by visitors, staff and those just passing by. She is said to stand on Castle Mound, a grassy embankment. She was tried and hanged in 1752 at Oxford Castle and still haunts the place to this day.

The most frightening of reported sightings is two figures dressed in black. Staff refuse to walk alone, even in the day, due to the feelings and sightings they may experience whilst working. Poltergeist activity is in abundance at the castle, and has been witnessed many times. Objects are moved or damaged, white mists appear from nowhere and disappear just as quickly, and horrific screams and desperate wails are heard coming from the walls.

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