Revesby Abbey

Located in an isolated spot this Grade I listed building is the third to bear the name Revesby Abbey. The original Revesby Abbey was a Cistercian monastery founded by William de Roumare, the Earl of Lincoln, this was destroyed by Henry VIII in the dissolution of the monasteries in the 1500s. The next building to bear the name Revesby Abbey was built by Craven Howard in the 17th century. This property was sold by his son in 1711 to Joseph Banks. Joseph Banks was the Great Grandfather of Sir Joseph Banks the well known botanists who founded Kew gardens. After the death in 1820 of this famous botanist the estate eventually passed to James Banks-Stanhope who decided that the house was in such a poor state of repair that it was better to demolish it and use the building materials to construct a new house on the same site.

Today the Abbey with its 10 acres of formal gardens, and 65,000 sq ft of Victorian opulence does not at first sight prepare anyone for the nightmares that may be found inside the building.

The Abbey is well-known for paranormal activity, it is considered to be the most haunted building in Lincolnshire, and maybe in the entire UK. This is a venue only for the most fearless.

Deep below the Abbey can be found a maze of tunnels where paranormal activity is frequently observed. In the house itself footsteps are heard regularly but no-one is ever arrives. Dark shadows are seen flitting from room to room, while chanting may often be heard although no-one has been able to find out where it is coming from.

Visitors to Revesby Abbey have reported doors shutting and locking by themselves, shuffling noises often accompany these experiences.

Reports of temperature changes and unexplained EMF spikes are regular occurrences and many visitors have found themselves unable to return to the building as a result of the frightening experiences they have found waiting for them inside.