Rifles Museum, Salisbury

Locally known as ‘The Wardrobe’, Rifles Museum is a Military Museum situated on Salisbury’s Cathedral Close. There have been buildings on the site since the 13th Century and parts of the current structure date back to the 1540s. The Museum has many interesting artefacts to look at from the First and Second World War, and from wars in Afghanistan, China and South Africa.

One of the very first residents was a Canon who served the Cathedral. It was then given to the Bishop of Salisbury and was subsequently taken over by a series of non-clerical residents. It has been said that during the Plague in the 1600s, King Charles II had his servants stay here in a bid to avoid the illness. It is also said that one of this group haunts the Museum to this day. She is known as the ‘Grey Lady’ and has been seen sitting in the Regimental Room.

Many paranormal activities have been reported at the Museum, including bright light anomalies and sudden temperature drops. Noises have been heard from sealed rooms, books have flown from book shelves and the ghost of a Cavalier has been sighted floating around the corridors.

Staff have also reported noises of someone or something running up and down the stairs at all times of day. The amount of poltergeist activity reported here is frightening; objects are thrown, moved or completely disappear never to be found again. One horrifying event is when staff heard a window being slammed shut below the room they were in. When they went to investigate, only the frame of the window remained, the actual window had been bricked up years ago. Many visitors and staff have reported that the attic space generates weird sensations accompanied with a feeling of being unwelcome.

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