Saltmarshe Hall

The Saltmarshe Hall which stands today was built in 1825. it is set in 17 acres of gardens in Howden, on the banks of the river Ouse in the East Riding of Yorkshire. This was the property of the Saltmarshe family from the Norman conquest until the 1970s when Captain Philip Saltmarshe, the last member of the family died without an heir. The house was sold to Philip and sally Bean, who in turn sold it to the Whyte family in 2009 who still live there occupying around two thirds of the property.

The house is Grade II listed, it has a five-bay frontage with an attached five-bay servants wing. The servants wing of the house was abandoned in the 1930s and still remains unoccupied today. It is considered a hotspot for supernatural sightings and paranormal activity. These empty rooms have an eerie, quietness enveloping them and are actively avoided by the present owners of the property. There have been regular reports of hauntings here with shadowy figures being seen moving from room to room. Accounts of heavy footsteps from the abandoned rooms, voices echoing through lonely passageways, and doorknobs and other items being thrown across the room or at visitors are not uncommon.

Outside the hall, in the surrounding gardens a mysterious white lady has been often reported walking through the formal gardens. She quickly vanishes from sight near the pond area without explanation.

One aspect of Saltmarshe Hall which makes it especially interesting is the vast network of cellars and rooms which run underneath the entire property. There are many accounts of local people hearing strange noises emanating from these dark, foreboding cellars. Visitors who are brave enough to enter here have reported chilling sensations, and have frequently emerged terrified from the experience. These passageways have not been used for many years and have been left to the spirits. They are not always happy to be disturbed.