Sheffield Fire and Police Museum

The Sheffield Fire and Police station was built at the start of the 20th century, and when it opened was one of the first purpose built Fire Stations in England. In later years it was redesigned to host a police station, complete with its own cells and a telephone exchange, in addition to the fire station. These cells, and the cellars at the station found another use as air raid shelters during the Second World War. After the joint station closed the building was used as a museum and now houses equipment and vehicles connected with both the police and fire services.

There is a long paranormal history associated with this building, many ghost investigators who venturing inside have experienced truly scary poltergeist activity here. This activity is particularly associated with the cell area. One of the best known ghosts here is Cain. He appears keen to be noticed but can quickly turn angry. He sometimes throws things at people, and becomes particularly upset when visitors enter the cell he was once detained in. Another angry spirit has sometimes been encountered by women brave enough to enter the end cell in the police station. The cell area is also the place to experience unexplained shadows and sudden changes in temperature.

The Fire station section is not without ghosts of its own. There is a young pickpocket ghost in this part of the building who frequently engages with visitors to the area. While the cell block may be the most active area, the whole building has seen activity at some time. Raised voices have been heard coming from unoccupied rooms, and ghostly figures have been seen walking down corridors or entering rooms. One of the most common supernatural occurrences here is objects being moved without explanation, and reappearing elsewhere in the building.