Skirrid Inn

Skirrid Inn is reputedly the oldest pub in Wales, built over 900 years ago and first reported in the year 1100. Sitting right next to Skirrid Mountain, also known as ‘Holy Mountain’, Skirrid Inn earned its name from this legendary mountain which allegedly cracked into two at the moment of Christ’s crucifixion. Skirrid Inn resides in the small village of Llanfihangel Crucarney, Monmouthshire.

Much of the original construction of the inn remains, and the mounting stone in the forecourt is said to have been used by many Welsh and English kings; most notably the revolutionary Owain Glyndwr who allegedly assembled his men here in the 14th Century.

The notorious ‘Hanging’ Judge Jeffries is thought to have begun his career at the Skirrid Inn. During the 12th-17th centuries it is thought that over 180 people were ordered to hang from the beam over the staircase in the inn. It is said that the first floor was a court room with a cell attached where convicted felons would spend their last night, listening to the jovialities of the pub below.

Skirrid Inn has been described as being ‘riddled with ghosts’ and has been visited by ‘Most Haunted’ and ‘Extreme Ghost Stories’, resulting in the Inn being declared ‘the most haunted in the UK’.

Many paranormal activities and sightings of ghosts have been reported, including but not limited to glasses flying around the pub and smashing, an intense smell of perfume, faces appearing at windows, a feeling of being watched, icy cold rooms, things disappearing and turning up days or even weeks later, and perhaps the most horrific; visitors have reported a feeling of a noose or rope around their neck and some have even been left with marks or welts.

The most popular ghosts here consist of Fanny Price, a barmaid who died from alcohol consumption at the age of 35, ‘Hanging’ Judge Jeffries himself who is said to walk the first floor of the inn, and John Crowther who was a hanged felon and has been seen by many visitors and staff.

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