Smethwick Baths

Opened in 1933 the art deco inspired Smethwick Baths was designed by Roland Fletcher and Chester Burton. During World War 2 the cellars and subways under the baths were used as air raid shelters and part was also pressed into service as a morgue.

Having survived the war the baths moved on to happier times with public swimming taking place throughout the summer, and the baths hosting community entertainment in the winter months.

In more recent times Smethwick Baths has added a split level gym, a dance studio, and a sauna to the amenities on offer. These community facilities hide a darker, more sinister side to the building which is still waiting to be uncovered.

Unexpectedly for a building which is in such regular public use there have been a lot of accounts of paranormal activity in the Baths over the years. The most famous being wet footprints regularly occurring long after the last of the bathers has gone home for the day. Unexplained bright lights are often seen to appear in the changing rooms, and the toilets in the Baths are reportedly haunted by a woman who is seen quite regularly. It is, however, the tunnels under the Baths where the most significant activity takes place. In these tunnels it is said many spirits can be found, especially children, their voices can regularly be heard calling in the darkness. These tunnels are also a popular location for poltergeist activity and small objects often fly towards any visitors brave enough to venture inside them. This activity can be so intense that visitors have been known to refuse to stay in the building after experiencing it. The atmosphere can become foreboding, bangs and disembodied voices may begin at any moment. Smethwick Baths can be a terrifying place to be left alone.