St Briavels Castle

St Briavel’s castle dates back all the way to Norman times, back in the 1200’s. The castle is one of the best places that you can go to if you want to look for ghosts, with very few people leaving the castle feeling disappointed. Some people actually think that this castle is the most haunted castle in all of England, but we’ll leave that for you to decide when you come to visit it!

There are many things that have happened in St Briavel’s castle that would frighten a lot of people. Many people talk about the strange and intense atmosphere that they feel the moment that they enter the castle. One thing that might contribute to the intense atmosphere is the graffiti that is up on all of the walls around the castle from what prisoners had on their mind at the time, including things like “The day will come that thou shalt answer for it for thou hast sworn against me”.

That’s not all that St Briavel’s castle has to offer if you want to experience being in a place like this though. If you’re brave enough to visit the castle during the night you may be lucky enough to hear the cries of a ghostly baby! As well as this, you could visit the room which is known as the “hanging room” where prisoners were hanged or the crimes that they committed all those years ago. There’s no doubt that St Briavel’s castle is one of the scariest castles to visit across the UK, so if this sounds interesting to you get in touch with us to organise a trip to one of the most interesting castles there is in the UK.

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