St Johns House

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The site where St Johns House now stands has a history going back more than 800 years. It was in the middle of the 12th century that this land was given given to enable the establishing of the Hospital of St John the Baptist by William de Beaumont. It was intended that the hospital would be used to help those who were sick, but also be provide lodging for travellers passing through the area.

During the Dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII the land was granted to Anthony Stoughton and it remained in their possession until 1960. It is known that in 1610 the site contained four buildings including a gatehouse, and a chapel. There was also a cemetery attached to the hospital, human remains have often been unearthed here during renovation or re-modelling work on the site.

St Johns house today is a large Jacobean property which houses St Johns Museum. There have been extensive reports of supernatural activity here, some reports suggest activity so daunting that the more sensitive visitor may want to think twice about entering this building.

The sightings that have been reported here appear to centre on two sisters who are connected with the old medieval hospital. Both of these sisters came to untimely ends here, one burnt to death while attempting dry wet clothing, and the other was literally scared to death after the house was broken into one night. The numerous rooms and cellars at St Johns offer plenty of opportunity for spirits to make themselves known, and they are unafraid to do so. Spending a night here can be a daunting prospect. Visitors should prepare themselves for voices of young girls followed by ghostly footsteps. Children have actually been seen running through these corridors. Other spirits known t o be present here include a violent man lurking in the cellar, and a woman wearing long clothing wandering the corridors in distress.