Strelley Hall

The origins of Strelley Hall in Nottingham stretch back to around 1200 when a castle was erected on this site. The present building incorporates some elements of this original structure, into the modern building. This gives Strelley Hall today the feel of a classic haunted house, and helps to prepare visitors for the atmosphere which closes around them as they enter the building.

The underground room, which is referred to as the dungeon, and Pannelled room are at least of Georgian construction and may be earlier. The rooms known as the Castle room, and castle bedroom are formed of what was once a medieval tower, while the network of cellars below the building are believed to be of a similar age.

Entering Strelley Hall today can send a chill through even those most familiar with supernatural activity. This is an extremely active location and visitors should be prepared for anything to happen.

In the Pannelled room many of the original Georgian features have survived and these add to the strange ambience which surrounds this room. The network of cellars which run beneath the house end with the Dungeon room which originally served as a holding prison, and has certainly seen more than its fair share of strange, and macabre activities over the years, we can only imagine the feeling of despair which those shut up here endured.

There have been lots of reports of unexplained incidents here through the years. This sinister Hall has been home to sightings. Noises which defy rational explanation, and some classic examples of Poltergeist activity have been experienced. Who knows what could be uncovered during an exploration of the many hidden corners of this haunted Hall. If you are brave enough to visit Strelley Hall and spend time alone in the most haunted areas you will not find it easy to forget the experience.