Tatton Hall

Tatton Hall which is also known as Tatton Old Hall was first built by the Stanley family. Tatton Hall is situated right in the middle of Tatton Park, and every room in Tatton Hall has something different to offer all kinds of people that have an interest in ghosts and the paranormal. The hall was once the main part of the Tatton estate, but today it’s mostly just used for people that want to see ghosts. Since most of the area around Tatton Hall is just lit up by some small candles, it really gives you the feeling that you’re back in Tudor times.

The old hall was once full of charm, hosting several important events not only for English royalty, but also for foreign royalty. Unfortunately, not long after this the ground floor of the hall was used for somewhere for workers to stay in. It’s amazing to walk through Tatton Hall and notice the huge differences that there were in relation to working class people and the rich.

There are several spirits in Tatton Old Hall, one of which goes by the name of Tom. He’s well-known for liking a drink or two and sometimes loves to scare people, especially women! One of the scariest things that you can experience in Tatton Hall is hearing the cries of victims who were murdered there; it’s definitely one of the spookiest things that we’ve ever come across so far. Ouija boards are commonly used here so that you can easily communicate with the spirits that have lived in Tatton Hall found hundreds and hundreds of years. Here’s a quick tip for you though, don’t worry about how neat your hair is since most people feel spirits stroking their hair!

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