Tettenhall Towers

Tettenhall Towers was built by Thomas Pearson on the site of the Holly Bush Inn. In 1853 the building was purchased by the eccentric inventor Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Thorneycroft who set about making extensive modifications to the property.

Under the Colonels ownership the house became known for its superior ventilation system and sewers. Almost every room was fitted with a fan. The Colonel developed a system for pumping foul air out of the sewers and burning it away from the house. He also

installed at least 20 toilets in the house, some to a unique design of his own invention.

In addition to his interest in sanitation the Colonel was a great flying enthusiast and he gain a reputation for pushing his Butlers off the the building towers to test his latest flying machines.

Inside Tettenhall Towers today visitors will find a treasure trove of relics from past eras. Some of the more unusual would include a 16 in Burmese Gong, Canadian fox rugs, and a collection of birds heads.

There have been some terrifying reports of paranormal activity on this site over the years, and some visitors have left the building swearing never to return as a result of their experiences here.

Tettenhall Towers is a vast location, and visitors will find many rooms here to explore. Of particular interest from a paranormal viewpoint are is the attic area known as the Dolls House. This includes a separate area that can only be reached by squeezing through a small space in the wall. The present caretaker of the property refuses to enter the Dolls House after a recent ghostly experience he had there. The entire attic area is said to have an unwelcoming atmosphere which past visitors have described as oppressive.

In other parts of the building ghostly figures have been seen, and there has even been Poltergeist activity reported here. Who or what these ghosts may be has yet to be fully established, but they have been witnessed by many of those who enter Tettenhall Towers.