The Block

Built in the 1800s as a part of the brewing industry in Staffordshire, the Block in Burton-on-Trent has enjoyed a varied history which saw it house many British and US troops in-between covert army operations. It also saw use as a pottery factory at one time, and even a war hospital at one time. Today it lies empty and largely abandoned, while all around office blocks are springing to life from long abandoned factories.

It is surprising that this building survived the Second World war. The surrounding area

was bombed very hard, and many house vanished during the bombing, the overwhelming sadness of those times still seems to pervade the atmosphere of the Block, and many visitors talk of the sadness of the building.

The Block is spread over four floors, this building is very popular with paranormal investigators and an experience here can be very intense. The attic area in particular has seen EVP’s that have produced a confusion of languages, including French, German, and Polish, as well as English. The door for the top attic regularly opens and closes on demand. Walking the long, dismal corridors, and empty spaces alone is not for the faint-hearted.

As you would expect given the buildings history many of the figures which have been seen here have been adult men. But there have also been a surprising number of children, and also soldiers from the distant past. A woman has also been heard wailing on the stairwell. Some of this activity has even been captured on video during past explorations of the site.

Some areas of the Block are especially known for supernatural activity. Items are often thrown at visitors, bangs are heard without explanation, and objects rain down on your out of nowhere.

One visit to the chapel area experienced lights being turned on and off, mysterious footsteps, and bright flashes of light that defied explanation. With so many dark, mysterious corners to explore it is impossible to know what to expect from a visit here.