The Feathers

Ludlow in Shropshire is home to many majestic, Medieval buildings, but the Feathers hotel is one of the most magnificent. Built in 1619, and marked by a timber facade adorned with ostrich feathers to show the towns support for the Royalist cause during the civil war, the building hosted many Royalist soldiers during that difficult period. The magnificent exterior hides many dark secrets within.

Since being converted to a hotel in 1863 there have been many reports of ghostly activity here that have scared both the staff, and those brave enough to spent the night at The Feathers. Guests are said to have fled their rooms, terrified by night-time apparitions. Ghostly figures, poltergeist activity, and physical attacks have all been recorded here.

The most active rooms have been noted as 211 & 212 which are said to have an unwelcoming, and even sinister atmosphere. In particular one guest sleeping in room 211 awoke to find herself being dragged from her bed by a spirit of a jealous woman. This guest was able to return to sleep, only to awake again and find herself soaking wet, while all around her was dry. Other guests have spoken of the spirit of a Victorian man wandering through the rooms in the evening. In the past EVP recordings at the hotel have been taken which seem to have captured the laughter, and voices of young children.

Activity is not confined to the bedrooms. The hotel lounge with its Minstrel balcony also seems to be a popular location for poltergeist activity, and even the road outside the hotel has regular sightings of a scantily clad young lady wearing clogs who is seen crossing the road and vanishing from sight. This particular apparition has only ever been seen by male visitors to the hotel.

Past visits to the Feathers have resulted in some strange, and unexplainable activity, including crying emanating from empty rooms, sudden changes in temperature, and guests being pulled by unseen hands. You can never tell what a visit to The Feathers will bring, so be prepared for anything.