The Ragged School

The Ragged School was opened as a museum in 1990 by the Ragged School Museum Trust after it was saved from being demolished. The building is a site of intense paranormal activity, sinister presences and apparitions that have been seen and witnessed by many.

Dr. Barnardo opened the Ragged School in 1867 to give poor children a free basic education after he saw that the city was full of illness and poverty. When government schools opened in abundance a few years later and were able to meet families’ specific needs, the Ragged School was closed down. The Ragged School Museum used to be the largest free school in London but the buildings were originally warehouses, and afterwards had a variety of industrial uses such as housing clothing manufacturers and furniture makers.

The buildings were petitioned and arranged to be demolished in 1980 until people protested and were reminded of the heritage and history of the building, and so the Ragged School Museum Trust was formed and eventually saved it from being destroyed.

Over the last few decades, many unexplained and paranormal activities have occurred and have been witnessed by staff and visitors. They range from strange sensations and the sound of footsteps with no body to accompany them, to visions of several spirits including a washer-woman, a head-master and even a Roman soldier.

Mediums have reported residual memories involving child abuse, with children’s screams, cries and laughter being picked up clearly on sound recordings. There have been prominent responses to questions asked by mediums and group visits, like banging and tapping. A shadow has been seen floating past and running, and chanting has been heard echoing throughout the halls. A few visitors have even felt tugs on their clothes!

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