The Spirit House

The Spirit House in Evesham was built in 1544 on a site which dates back to at least the 12th century. It is believed that many of the stones used in the cellar of the house came from the local Evesham Abbey which was destroyed around this time during the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII.

The town of Evesham has witnessed many battles through the centuries, the battle of Evesham in August 1265 is probably the most famous, but there have been many other encounters in this local area. The Building now known as The Spirit House has

served many purposes in the past including a doctors surgery, and a dressmaking shop. Those who enter the building today speak of terrifying hauntings taking place. The Spirit House is home to a malevolent Poltergeist that appears to be particularly active in the cellar. Visitors have spoken of hearing a child crying there, and seeing tables and chairs floating through the air on their own. Other visitors have been scared to witness glowing red eyes staring at them out of the darkness.

Events here cannot be explained by rational means. Those brave enough to enter the house have frequent left terrified, and declaring they will never return. They speak of items flying from kitchen units and noises that have no explanation.

No-one has been able to say exactly how many ghosts there are at the Spirit House. It seems certain that there are many present. There have been multiple reports of children, Monks, and even goblin-type creatures that look like nothing seen in the rational world. If you are brave enough to enter the Spirit House at night you will have the opportunity to witness events so unusual that many have been unable to withstand the experience and abandoned the house, refusing to return.