The Station Hotel

The Station Hotel, located in Dudley, West Midlands, just a five minute drive from the M5 motorway, was opened in the late 1800’s. Much of the early history of the building has been lost due to the old records being misplaced over time. There are, however a great many legends, and stories about this place which have entered local folklore, and make it an intriguing place to visit. One particularly story tells of a hotel manager who attempted to seduce a servant girl at the hotel. Finding his advances spurned he lured her to a secluded location in the hotel, then brutally murdered her by strangling and stabbing her before hiding her body in a barrel.

Today the Station Hotel presents a warm, friendly atmosphere for its guests with modern, well equipped rooms. Many well-known performers have stayed here as the popular Hippodrome Theatre was once located opposite the hotel. Household names, such as, Bob Hope, Laurel & Hardy, and Bing Crosby have all walked through these corridors, yet there are other residents here who refuse to leave.

Paranormal investigators visiting the Station Hotel have identified several spirits there. A male spirit known as George Williams who apparently murdered a woman named Elizabeth with whom he was having an affair, and disposed of her body via a hotel chute used for delivering barrels and bottles. A second spirit present in the hotel is supposed to be that of George Lawley, a local historian who wrote an account of Elizabeths murder.

There are also two small spirit children resident at the hotel, one named Catherine who was apparently crushed under the wheels of a carriage when aged 6, and Richard who died at the age of 4 following some type of blood-related illness.

The final spirit thought to be at the hotel is unnamed. They stay within room 214, and are apparently waiting for the arrival of an unknown person. Visiting the Station Hotel can be intense, it is a strikingly active location, and it can take courage to stay here, especially should you choose to enter the infamous room 214.