The Village

The Village is a sinister looking Listed Building in the middle of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Over the years it has been used as a slaughter house, and then during the 1800s as a Malt house. It has now been abandoned for more than ten years.

Visitors here can wander through this dismal building with its long abandoned night club rooms, the disused bar, and the old staff areas. There are also the lower floors to explore which hold many secrets of their own, and where a baby is often heard crying.

There have been a large number of reports of paranormal activity in The Village, various sightings have been noted of men, women, and children by those who have been able to summon the courage to spend the night here.

One figure who was seen here by a reliable group of volunteer workers was Mr Merryweather. He was the former owner of the Malt Houses and he died in 1835. CCTV footage of the encounter does not show Mr Merryweather, although the group of volunteers all adamantly maintain that they saw the figure of a man. The same Merryweather name has reportedly been picked up by psychics who have visited the village.

Another name which as been noted by many groups is Catherine. She is believed to have been murdered at the Village with her child. A musical spirit would also seem to be present here. The Village contains a piano which plays on it’s own without human interaction. The owners of the Village maintain that this piano was present in the building when they purchased it.

The Village is also home to a number of secret rooms, which were once use to hold prisoners captive. Today these rooms are said to contain many unhappy spirits, who often make their presence felt to visitors.