Tutbury Castle

Tutbury Castle which is in Staffordshire is a great place to go to if you want to go on a quick ghost hunt. With the amount of ghosts that have been spotted in and around the castle, you’ll more than likely see a couple of ghosts minutes after you enter the area! Even though many of the buildings around the castle are left in ruins mainly due to when Prince Edward launched an attack on the area in the 13th century, Tutbury castle is still intact thankfully.

With so many ghosts in the castle, we’re going to mention just a few of them which you might see if you visit the castle one day. We’re sure that a lot of you have heard about Mary Queen of Scots in the past, and she’s one of the ghosts that are always around Tutbury Castle. It’s believed that she hated the prison here since she suffered a lot while she stayed there. She was actually imprisoned there on more than one occasion, four times in fact! Only a couple of years ago she was spotted here by over 40 men who were members of Her Majesty’s services. All of the men laughed it off, not knowing that they were actually watching a ghost and not somebody playing a joke on them.

There are also two small children that are present in Tutbury Castle, both a boy and a girl. Nearly everyone that has seen the boy think that it’s a real boy, but it’s not. Any television crews have found out that he can make all of their cameras and so on lose power which is quite impressive. Not only this, but there’s also a little girl that goes by the name of Ellie. She doesn’t really cause too much trouble like the little boy does; all she does is holds peoples hands and so on. Ellie has made thousands upon thousands of people change their mind the way that they think about ghosts, most of which never even thought about ghosts being real. So, if you’re not too sure whether you believe in them or not, why not visit Tutbury castle and you might bump in to Ellie or another spirit?

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