Warwick Castle

Warwick castle was once known mainly for its heritage, but nowadays it’s getting more and more visitors from all parts of the world to go on ghost hunts. Even though from the outside the whole place looks pretty, mainly due to being located on the scenic river Avon, don’t let this make you believe that you shouldn’t be scared when you’re visiting Warwick castle.

There are a lot of people who have spotted some ghosts at the castle, it’s definitely not just a once off occurrence which is why so many people want to visit Warwick castle today. One such ghost is the ghost of Sir Fulke Greville who was a well-respected man but he was murdered by his servant in the 17th century. Even though he was murdered hundreds of years ago, he still has a presence in the castle. If you want to try to see him, one of the easiest ways to try to come in to contact with him is by looking at his portrait. Most of the time he appears after you look at his portrait for some unknown reason. You can also visit the tower which has been renamed the ghost tower since he is sometimes seen walking around the tower where his study room once was.

If you’re feeling a bit brave you can visit the dungeon during the day, or if you’re feeling extremely brave you could try visiting it during the night. There’s a black dog which has been there for years now that usually scares people away with his angry red eyes and the sound of its vicious growl which isn’t very inviting.

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