Whittington Castle

The first Whittington Castle was erected in the 12th century and parts of that building can be seen in the much altered castle that remains today. Built to protect the English villages from Welsh raiders crossing the surrounding marshland this castle has a bloody history. It remained loyal to the Stuart family during the civil war and had to be forcibly seized by the Parliamentary forces in a violent and bloody battle before it could be finally subdued.

Today the castle is owned and managed by the local community and visitors are able

to enter and gain an insight into the long history of dark and sinister events that has taken place inside these walls.

Whittington castle has historical links with characters as diverse as Dick Whiitington, Robin Hood, and even the Knights Templar. Tales of treachery and warfare abound in the local area, as would be expected in a border town, and mysteries attached to the castle are not hard to find.

Supernatural activity has been reported here for many years. Areas which are known to be especially active include the Tudor cottage, the Great Hall of the castle, and particularly the dungeons where so many prisoners have been contained over the centuries. Under the main gateway arch a hooded figure is regularly seen, children are often observed peeking from upstairs windows, while a leather aproned blacksmith from a bygone age has been observed walking through the remains of the castle.

Rational explanations for these sightings have not been found, visitors to Whittington Castle today can make up their own mind on who or what spirits may be present in the castle. Many visitors have been known to flee the castle in terror as a result of what they have seen or heard here, so be prepared to experience anything when you enter Whittington Castle.