Woodchester Mansion

Located near Nympsfield in Woodchester, this Gothic Revival Mansion is steeped in ghostly and unexplained history. The mansion was famously left unfinished in 1868 after the builders who were working on the manor abandoned construction never to return. The reasons for the abandonment were never explained. The manor appears to be finished from the outside, but the inside is a different matter altogether with entire rooms, walls and flooring missing. The Woodchester Mansion replaced another manor formally known as Spring Park, bought by William Leigh from the Dulcie family who famously enjoyed their privacy to the extreme. The Dulcie family inexplicably built the manor in a very isolated area, hidden from view, but William Leigh took advantage of this and started construction on Woodchester Mansion.

The house has since been used by a mental health charity with plans to convert it into a mental hospital, but they since fell through. It was also used as a billet for Canadian and American troops during WW2, and ghosts of soldiers and army men have since been since in and around the property. In 2003 and 2005 the Woodchester Mansion was featured on TV’s Most Haunted and is a regular place for ghost hunters to visit. Many haunted happenings have been witnessed in the mansion including noises and voices such as a man laughing manically, loud and intense tapping, children crying and heavy, dragging noises. There have been reports of falling masonry but when investigated there has been no evidence to support anything fell at all. The building has been felt to vibrate and women have had their hair pulled on several occasions. One of the scariest reports is that many visitors have seen a lady in an upstairs window, but it is impossible to reach that window as there is no flooring there to stand on.

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