Upon your arrival at our ghost hunting venue you will be greeted by members of our investigation team who will sign you in for the night and also give you a run down on the equipment.

Once all the above is out of the way you will be given a guided tour of the location as well as some history on the building, as well as the people connected to it over the years. This is also a great time for you to get a feel for the place why the lights are still on!

Next our ghost hunting experts will hold a workshop where you will learn how to use the equipment. Over the night you will have access to equipment such as K2 Meter, EFM Meters, Infrared Thermometers, Rempods, EDI Meters, Ovilus 5, spirit box sb7 & spirit box sb11 (one of our favourites) EVP listening devices etc. (if advertised)

Next on the list will be to split the group up into smaller more manageable teams where we will hold vigils and seances, take part in glass moving, table tipping, Ouija Board sessions. Dowsing Rods will also be made readily available. If there is anything you are not happy about taking part in please tell a member of the team and you can sit it out, or even become a member of the team for a short while!

If you have any of your own ghost hunting equipment you are more than welcome to bring it along, we must ask that if you bring a camcorder it has a night vision function as we like events to be kept in darkness. We recommend that you bring a torch with you as we will be in total darkness the whole night. We do have torches but numbers are limited.

Refreshments will be available along with a designated smoking area (outside). We recommend you bring enough layers of clothing with you to keep you warm throughout the night.

Please note, this is just a general guideline, activities may vary on events.

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